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Meu Brasil's Formulas
Copacabana Review

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Our Formulas
Copacabana Review

The Amazonian Indians: we portray the rituals and dance of the first inhabitants of Brazil.
Maculelê: martial arts concealed in dance by the slaves and anchored in Afro-Brazilian culture, performed with sabres.
Afro-Brazilian: the heritage of the rich African culture.
Bahian women: girls from Salvador da Bahia with their long skirts.
The art of the Lambada: a wild rhythm that we share with the public.
Axé and Swing from Bahia in it's pure form: music and choreography from the Carnaval of Salvador da Bahia.
Funk Carioca: a new musical trend originating in the favelas of Rio and which is currently popular throughout Brazil.
Carmen Miranda: a characteristic personality from Brazilian culture known throughout the world, with her pure class, samba, and highly coloured accessories.
Acrobatic Capoeira: a martial art disguised as a dance by the slaves and transformed into a sport and which is now part of the national heritage
Rio Carnaval: Samba, a veritable institution in Brazil! The Carnaval such as it takes place in Rio de Janeiro with magnificent Brazilian dancers and their costumes, feathers and sequins.

The number of artists varies according to the importance we accord to this event and resources used (size of the stage, technical equipment, budget, etc...)

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