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Meu Brasil's Formulas
Street carnival

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Our Formulas
Street Carnival

The Brazil Carnaval is the greatest festival in the world! Only the artists of Meu Brasil can make your Street Carnaval a success!

The concept is simple: our magnificent Brazilian dancers move through the streets (depending on the route) on foot, or on a float to inspire you and encourage you to dance to the rhythm of the samba. This is the typical dance of the Rio Carnaval!
Our costumed dancers, with their individual style of movement, our capoeiristas - specialists in this martial art, a mixture of acrobatics, suppleness, contortions, also contribute to enriching the event. All this can also be accompanied by a 'batucada', a team of talented, experienced professional percussion players, full of the joie de vivre of Brazil, and by stilt walkers. The 'Porta Bandeira', the woman who carries the flag of the samba school, with her large and impressive costume, can also be part of your Street Carnaval, on request.

The formula is therefore: dancers, capoeira, batucada, stilt walkers and lots of samba! All the colours of the greatest festival in the world!

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