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Meu Brasil's Formulas

Illustration Animation Batucada

Our Formulas

Batucada Kalimbao becomes Batucada Meu Brasil.

THumans first contact with rhythm happens in our mother’s womb. Our hearts beat faster than our mother's before we are born.

This is exactly like the "surdo de marcação" drums which set the first tempo and the "surdo de corte" which, as it's name indicates, "cuts in" with another tempo.

This is how rhythm accompanies us to the end of our lives!

Always pulsating, in binary compass, batucada is at the heart of the Samba School! It is a true orchestra formed only of percussion instruments where the marriage of deep and high sounds is particularly enriching to the music!
With the quality of our artists, passion and professionalism, our Batucada will make your spine tingle, just as you would feel at the Rio Carnaval!
Our 40 and more percussionists can also be in costume.

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